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The medical needs experienced by women and children in Mali are absolutely staggering, easily among the worst in the entire world. Approx. 1 out of 15 Malian women die in pregnancy or childbirth and 25% of children born here never see their 5th birthday.

In May of 2006 The Koutiala Women's and Children's Hospital, built on a 8 acre campus just outside the city of Koutiala in southeastern Mali, opened its doors providing full maternity services to the city and surrounding areas. The Hospital is a part of CPAM (Center Protestant for Assistance Medical) an NGO that also supervises 8 rural clinics within a 150 mile circle surrounding Koutiala.
Koutiala, Mali
Presently there are four main patient care buildings.  Three are mainly for the women's services: one for urgent care, surgery and delivery; a second for in-patient care; and the third for counsultations, lab work and the pharmacy. The fourth structure is the Pediatric Center which houses the outpatient clinic and in-patient care.

It is the first Protestant hospital in the entire country, an area twice the square mileage of the state of Texas. Only 1% of the Malian population is Christian. Our goals are to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to the people of Mali through the provision of quality, specialized health care, and to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.